Modelsearch - the agencies

When starting out in modelling you have to be prepared to walk something of a minefield of agencies, photographers, stylists and bookers before you even make it to the catwalk. You need to be asking the right people the right questions to avoid becoming another wannabe, clinging on to the false hopes that rogue agencies and unscrupulous photographers tend to offer. The agencies that Modelsearch work with reflect the events' key aspirations; that competitors always have a good experience and are given straightforward and honest advice.

What are agencies looking for?

Most agencies aren't looking for a specific look. Advertising agencies are increasingly looking to reflect a diverse society, as Diane Jones at Model Bank suggests, "The new face of glamour is the man off the street." Most agencies divide their books into several categories to suit the varied work opportunities that arise. The agencies answered the following questions to help would-be models navigate a minefield of modelling myths.

Frequently asked questions and model agency links