Local media get involved

Wherever a Modelsearch is held, the local media, newspapers and radio are usually heavily involved. Newspapers run stories about Modelsearch on the run up to the event days and carry an entry form so that contestants can enter via the paper. Local radio sometimes covers the event, with a series of 'teaser' advertising and website link ups. Plus, they can attend the event and broadcast live from it as contestants go through their paces.

Some local media that have been involved:

The Great Barr Observer | Galaxy Radio
The Uxbridge Gazette & Leader Series | Sunshine Magazine | Hasbro
Evening Echo | Surrey Mirror | Kent Messenger
News Shopper | Lincolnshire Echo | Bucks Free Press & Midweek
Andover Advertiser & Midweek | The Press Series
Echo Series | The Star | Monument & Barclaycard Credit Cards
Barking & Dagenham Post | Cambridge Evening News

Local media involved in 2009:

Trinity South Group
Northcliffe Newspaper Group
Telegraph & Argus
And many more . . .