Modelsearch is not a modest affair

Consequently it generates a great deal of excitement and interest! The high profile of the event reflects the high standards that are achieved in its execution. With up to 500 entrants, Modelsearch is designed and organised so as to do justice to each and every person stepping foot on the catwalk. The set incorporates a backdrop, full lighting, sound and catwalk. The event is compered throughout and plenty of staff are on hand to direct the entrants. It really is the perfect setting for you to make that all important impression on the judges.

The heats

When you arrive at the heats, you need to register at the time and place advised on your invitation. At this point you will be given a sticky label printed with your showing number and told what time you need to report to the stage. Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of entrants, there is only time for each person to walk the catwalk once individually and once as part of a group. Make the most of it because it's more than enough time to convince the judges that you've got what it takes.

The finals

The lucky entrants selected by the judges are asked to return to the stage so that final decisions can be made. The finalists are then announced and invited to attend the finals at a later date. This is usually a photo shoot where the finalists model seasonal looks and trends from stores in the Centre. These photos are often used in local newspaper spreads and also on social media.